Only the most skillful hands can turn natural materials into everyday yet original and absolutely unique objects. These hands belong to the craftsmen that every day, in our workrooms, have been shaping up materials of unmatched beauty such as horn, bamboo, wood, mother of pearl… selected for their special character.

These are the precious family traditions taken on by Lorenzi Milano who is proud of preserving them by manufacturing valuable products, designed to be long lasting and to grow old together with the people who bought them: things to love, to maintain and even repair, if necessary, to pass on to younger generations as if they were little treasures for everyday life. Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped. We combine craftsmanship and tradition with new technologies and, upon request, we can also offer our experience for custom-made projects, as in the best tradition of the Made in Italy.