Photo By: Bart Herreman

Lorenzi Milano takes on the tough challenge of preserving the values and the tradition of the G. Lorenzi historical brand by producing top quality handcrafted items made of selected raw materials such as horn, bamboo, wood, mother of pearl… unique and original products, designed to enhance everyday life. The fourth generation of the Lorenzi family, led by Mauro, the founder Giovanni’s grandson, manages the company and produces internally collections of different items, such as accessories for travel and personal care or home complements.

The production takes place entirely in Italy, inside the workshop located in Morimondo Street, in the premises of the former Richard Ginori’s factory, in the typical Navigli area. That’s where the different collections are designed, inspired not only by Lorenzi’s personal taste but also by the demand of refined customers, in constant search for unique objects. Our premises are bright, clean and airy and if someone wishes to visit them, they will certainly enjoy it, just like the people who work here. Our space is open to all the people who appreciate quality products and are interested in understanding the manufacturing process. We use complex materials that require experience and care to be manufactured. The surface of a horn, a piece of bamboo or a detail made of exotic wood are changeable elements and their structure can change according to the temperature and the humidity level of the environment. It takes years of practice to build confidence and skills, and in spite of this, the manufacturing process has always to be carried out with the utmost care.

Valuable products stem from passion for details, careful manufacturing and attention to materials. The brand per se is not important, what counts is what it stands for: the tradition, the expertise gained through time that helps appreciate the objects rather than the label. These are the values that inspire every single item of Lorenzi Milano, whose production tries to preserve the tradition of craftsmanship handed down by generations. Our products are sold on the market through our retailers and on selected international e-commerce platforms. Custom-made products can be designed upon request, making the most of the Made in Italy tradition.