Wall-mounted knifes sets

Like a curtain that opens to reveal the tastiest of stages, the new collection of the wall-mounted knife holder is designed for those who see cooking as the finest of all arts. Made of Canaletto walnut wood, the board features engraved descriptions of each of the nine tools it houses, holding them with hidden magnets for a sleek and functional design. Lighting can be customised by choosing between a wall-wash solution for a diffuse glow or an internal light to fully illuminate the set. The knife holder can also be closed by a glass door, so that the set remains visible yet protected at the same time. All blades are made of mirror-polished stainless steel with the handle in our different natural materials.

Small wall-mounted knifes setSmall wall-mounted knifes set

Small wall-mounted knifes set

€ 1.985,00 € 1.627,05
Medium wall-mounted knifes setMedium wall-mounted knifes set

Medium wall-mounted knifes set

€ 2.935,00 € 2.405,74
Large wall-mounted knifes setLarge wall-mounted knifes set

Large wall-mounted knifes set

€ 4.730,00 € 3.877,05
Giant wall-mounted knifes setGiant wall-mounted knifes set

Giant wall-mounted knifes set

€ 7.265,00 € 5.954,92


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