Father's Day

Discover the timeless elegance of our exclusive collection of home accessories meticulously curated to celebrate Father's Day. Each piece, crafted from the finest natural and precious materials, epitomizes the craftsmanship and refinement that distinguish Lorenzi Milano.

This collection is designed for fathers who appreciate beauty and uniqueness in every detail. Imagine the delight of a father as he unwraps a refined desk accessory or a shaving brush transforming daily routines into moments of pure luxury. Every product is the result of meticulous care and a passion for materials that only skilled hands can craft, imbuing each item with a unique story and character.

Our bathroom accessories, enhanced with unique details, elevate the concept of functionality and style, turning everyday gestures into extraordinary experiences. The luster of our materials give origin to objects of rare beauty, perfect for those seeking exclusivity and distinction.

The Father's Day collection also includes kitchen and dining items: unique creations, ideal for the father who loves to surprise his guests with elegance and originality. Not just functional tools but true design pieces that enrich any environment.

Purchasing a Lorenzi Milano gift means choosing not just a luxury item, but also sharing a piece of our passion for art and natural beauty. Make your father feel special with a gift that speaks of excellence and timeless style.


Roe deer antler Shoehorn

€ 330,00 € 270,49
Wood Tool setWood Tool set

Wood Tool set

€ 8.580,00 € 7.032,79
Shaving mugShaving mug

Zebu Shaving mug

€ 765,00 € 627,05
18kts. gold Money clip18kts. gold Money clip

18kts. gold Money clip

€ 1.605,00 € 1.315,57
Warthog Folding umbrellaWarthog Folding umbrella

Warthog Folding umbrella

€ 590,00 € 483,61
Porta fotografiePorta fotografie

Stag antler Picture frame

€ 910,00 € 745,90
Ostrich Large cigarette caseOstrich Large cigarette case

Ostrich Large cigarette case

€ 575,00 € 471,31
Stag antler Stag ashtrayStag antler Stag ashtray

Stag antler Stag ashtray

€ 268,00 € 219,67
Warthog Pizza cutterWarthog Pizza cutter

Warthog Pizza cutter

€ 327,00 € 268,03
Servo muto da guardarobaServo muto da guardaroba

Cowhide Wardrobe valet

€ 4.745,00 € 3.889,34
Wood Oyster setWood Oyster set

Wood Oyster set

€ 362,00 € 296,72
Lambskin Beard/mustache setLambskin Beard/mustache set

Lambskin Beard/mustache set

€ 296,00 € 242,62
Bamboo root Small BBQ setBamboo root Small BBQ set

Bamboo root Small BBQ set

€ 1.840,00 € 1.508,20
Set da parmigianoSet da parmigiano

Warthog Parmesan cheese set

€ 1.840,00 € 1.508,20

Lambskin Traveling tray

€ 468,00 € 383,61
Valigia per ChampagneValigia per Champagne

Calfskin Champagne travelling box

€ 3.460,00 € 2.836,07


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.