Lorenzi Milano: behind the scenes

Tradition is the essential starting point but its codes must be reinvented and redefined. Bamboo, mother of pearl, horn of Oryx, buffalo or roe deer - in this specific case only naturally fallen fragments picked up in the woods or at high altitudes are used – a surface of exotic wood, these elements are alive and variable in their ductility and extensibility depending on the temperature and humidity of a given environment. They move, they change and always react in a different way. It takes many years of experience and errors to learn how to work them well.

Nei laboratori non si sente volare una mosca...

Lorenzi Milano 


"The materials come from nature” - says Mauro Lorenzi – “something we use with respect and caution. We try not to waste anything. After all we come from the mountains, a place where nothing is ever wasted."

Mauro Lorenzi



Large pourer set

Their nature makes them capable of completing the table with taste. Perfectly symbiotic but absolutely complementary; oil and vinegar compose a harmonious accord which needs to be on two separate lines. The oil and vinegar sippy jugs set enhances this extraordinary cohabitation providing to it an almost alchemical charm; Ferrules in brass are covered with tailor made inserts in deer antler, just like the tray, in Iroko wood polished with linseed oil and also hosting a salt and a pepper grinder.