The Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where we can make the most beautiful moment of the day unique: eating together. This collection is designed for those who experience the kitchen as the most supreme of arts, a place where we weave relationships, exchange feelings and express our passion for food to the fullest and share precious moments with those we care about. Within this collection you will find all the kitchen utensils suitable for your every need. All the blades of our knives and kitchen accessories are forged from mirror-polished stainless steel with handles in both different natural materials and POM, a technical material used in the manufacture of precision tools that require high rigidity, low friction and excellent stability.

Polyoxymethylene Ham knives

Polyoxymethylene Ham knives

€ 146,00 € 119,67
Polyoxymethylene Cleaver

Polyoxymethylene Cleaver

€ 152,00 € 124,59
Polyoxymethylene Spatulas

Polyoxymethylene Spatulas

€ 66,00 € 54,10
Polyoxymethylene Pealer

Polyoxymethylene Pealer

€ 46,00 € 37,70
Polyoxymethylene CorerPolyoxymethylene Corer

Polyoxymethylene Corer

€ 36,00 € 29,51
Wood Kitchen cutting boardWood Kitchen cutting board

Wood Kitchen cutting board

€ 800,00 € 655,74
Pigskin Traveling knives setPigskin Traveling knives set

Pigskin Traveling knives set

€ 1.385,00 € 1.135,24
Stag antler Kitchen knife setStag antler Kitchen knife set

Stag antler Kitchen knife set

€ 4.470,00 € 3.663,93
Zebu Kitchen knife setZebu Kitchen knife set

Zebu Kitchen knife set

€ 5.130,00 € 4.204,92
Stag antler Cookware setStag antler Cookware set

Stag antler Cookware set

€ 2.630,00 € 2.155,74
Stag antler Cookware setStag antler Cookware set

Stag antler Cookware set

€ 1.830,00 € 1.500,00
Bamboo root Cookware setBamboo root Cookware set

Bamboo root Cookware set

€ 1.660,00 € 1.360,65
Zebu Cookware setZebu Cookware set

Zebu Cookware set

€ 1.830,00 € 1.500,00
Wood Cookware setWood Cookware set

Wood Cookware set

€ 1.370,00 € 1.122,95
Zebu Small BBQ setZebu Small BBQ set

Zebu Small BBQ set

€ 2.245,00 € 1.840,16
Stag antler Small BBQ setStag antler Small BBQ set

Stag antler Small BBQ set

€ 1.910,00 € 1.565,57
Bamboo root Small BBQ setBamboo root Small BBQ set

Bamboo root Small BBQ set

€ 1.840,00 € 1.508,20


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.