For us, the celebration of daily rituals is a mission which is second only to the respect we show to the material we buy and select for our production. Nature has been offering precious legacies to mankind, legacies which we owe to value and respect.Deer antlers, antelope or buffalo horns, warthog fangs, they all end a natural life path together with the animals, a path which in the case of deer coincides with a seasonal phase of rebirth. Every precious fragment is the result of the gathering of what nature is willing to offer, while respecting the authentic biological course of animals. 

Gifts, not trophies, a gathering which takes place within the nature reserves and provides employment for the local populations. A pure and primordial cycle which we commit to immortalize through the hands and skilful work of craftsmen; every veining, every colour, every unique feature impressed by nature into the material is a new point of departure for the creation of a product, capable of giving it a second existence. The processing indulges the soul of the product, which after a “rediscovery” work of its natural peculiarities, gets smoothened and polished to enhance its uniqueness without undermining it. 

Found in their raw state in the countries of origin, in accordance with the veterinary and environmental legislation in force, in full respect of the C.I.T.E.S (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), these extraordinary natural appendages deliver a first season of life as to become the lymph of a new cultivation and culture which reassesses the richness of the environment and of its gifts. Our commitment is that of “folding” craftmanship to nature. Not the other way round.