Mother of Pearl

The mother of pearl, whose beauty and perfection have originated several legends, today is still used as an extremely refined decoration for precious objects. Our craftsmen select two main varieties of mother of pearl: Pinctada maxima, white with green, silver or golden shades, coming especially from Australia and the Southern Seas, and Pinctada mar-garitifera, from the Fiji Islands and Tahiti, with different shades from white-grey to the deepest black.

Mother of pearl Table mirrorMother of pearl Table mirror

Mother of pearl Table mirror

€ 1.870,00 € 1.532,79
Shaving mugShaving mug

Mother of pearl Shaving mug

€ 840,00 € 688,52
Porta fotografiePorta fotografie

Mother of pearl Picture frame

€ 1.140,00 € 934,43
Coppiera cavialeCoppiera caviale

Mother of pearl Caviar bowl

€ 1.245,00 € 1.020,49
Cucchiaio per cavialeCucchiaio per caviale

Mother of pearl Caviar spoon

€ 125,00 € 102,46
Palettina da burroPalettina da burro

Mother of pearl Butter knife

€ 131,00 € 107,38
Mother of pearl Large wine setMother of pearl Large wine set

Mother of pearl Large wine set

€ 2.950,00 € 2.418,03
Mother of pearl Ice bucketMother of pearl Ice bucket

Mother of pearl Ice bucket

€ 1.450,00 € 1.188,52
Mother of pearl Champagne bucketMother of pearl Champagne bucket

Mother of pearl Champagne bucket

€ 1.830,00 € 1.500,00
Sottobottiglia con sottobicchieriSottobottiglia con sottobicchieri

Mother of pearl Coaster set

€ 945,00 € 774,59

Mother of pearl Ashtray

€ 980,00 € 803,28


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.