Small everyday rituals that tell special stories through shaving brushes and razors, the many pairs of scissors, toiletries and various brushes, but also thanks to exclusive ever-cherished items, such as toothpaste squeezers, nail brushes and essence sprays. The wood and nautical leather valet stand with incorporated mirror and base in Bianco di Carrara or Portoro marble. The materials, as always, are of the best: horn, bamboo, oryx and carbon fiber, shiny mother of pearl and steel. Beautiful objects that help maintain order and hygiene. Everything has its own place.

Stag antler OId style safety razorStag antler OId style safety razor
Zebu OId style safety razorZebu OId style safety razor

Zebu OId style safety razor

€ 204,00 € 167,21
Sterling silver Silver razorSterling silver Silver razor

Sterling silver Silver razor

€ 380,00 € 311,48
Black nikel Shaving mugBlack nikel Shaving mug

Black nikel Shaving mug

€ 276,00 € 226,23
Antique brass Shaving mugAntique brass Shaving mug

Antique brass Shaving mug

€ 260,00 € 213,11
Shaving mugShaving mug

Bamboo root Shaving mug

€ 740,00 € 606,56
Shaving mugShaving mug

Zebu Shaving mug

€ 765,00 € 627,05
Shaving mugShaving mug

Oryx Shaving mug

€ 825,00 € 676,23
Shaving mugShaving mug

Mother of pearl Shaving mug

€ 840,00 € 688,52
Shaving mugShaving mug

Carbon fiber Shaving mug

€ 725,00 € 594,26
Zebu Travelling shaving setCompleto da barba viaggio

Zebu Travelling shaving set

€ 515,00 € 422,13


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.