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Lambskin Travelling manicure case nail nipper

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A fundamental business card: hands are a vivid expression of personality and habits. Their care becomes essential, in every situation, and the same attention must be dedicated to its instruments. The manicure travel set is enclosed in an envelope made of lambskin nappa leather which contains nail clippers, cuticle scissors, nail cleanser, hair tweezers and a file, perfect to be potentially entrusted to the expert hands of a professional, in order to ensure hygiene and impeccability to an important routine.

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La nappa utilizzata per la manifattura di questo oggetto è molto morbida e delicata e in caso di contatto con liquidi o creme può facilmente macchiarsi. Essendo il poro della pelle (fiore) aperto non esistono interventi efficaci e quindi sconsigliamo qualsiasi palliativo. In caso di disidratazione la pelle può essere curata con un balsamo nutriente. Le parti metalliche presenti nel prodotto non possono essere pulite con sostanze abrasive ma semplicemente utilizzando un panno di pelle di daino o, nel caso di persistenza di macchie o aloni, un panno di cotone inumidito in alcol denaturato. Gli strumenti forniti sono in acciaio inossidabile e quindi forniscono una buona resistenza alle ossidazioni. Si ricorda comunque che, essendo prodotti in acciaio temperato, è comunque meglio asciugarli prima di riporli. L’affilatura dei taglienti deve essere affidata a personale competente.

The Zebu horn is material which is sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Being a natural substance, its color could fade, and it might lose its original shine over time, especially as regards those objects which often come in contact with water. Heat sources (radiators, flames, halogen lamps, etc.) might cause torsions and defoliation. In case of dehydration we recommend the periodic application of a thin layer of ecological linseed oil or Vaseline, using a dry pad. Washing, when required, must be done by hand, with lukewarm water and mild detergents. Do not leave the material to soak and dry it thoroughly before storing it. The metal parts are not to be cleaned with abrasive substances but simply by using a buckskin cloth, or else in the case of persistent stains or smudges, with a cotton cloth dampened in denatured alcohol.


cm 13,5×8
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Nappa, Acciaio inox


cm 13,5×8
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Lambskin, Stainless steel


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.

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Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.


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