Gold & Silver

Gold, a noble metal, enchants with its radiant beauty and its millennia-old history. Its splendid golden color captures the gaze and imagination, while its ethereal brightness makes it a treasure coveted by ancient rulers and modern luxury lovers. Its resistance to corrosion and its unchanging luster elevate it above other metals, while its ability to be expertly shaped and molded makes it an ideal companion for art and the creation of timeless objects.Silver, on the other hand, is a fascinating metal that reflects with a light akin to the moon. Its brilliance and adaptability make it precious for jewelry and many other applications. With antimicrobial properties and a millennia-old history, silver continues to enchant with its timeless beauty.

18kts. gold Belt buckle18kts. gold Belt buckle

18kts. gold Belt buckle

€ 6.425,00 € 5.266,39
18kts. gold Money clip18kts. gold Money clip

18kts. gold Money clip

€ 1.455,00 € 1.192,62
18kts. gold Cuff-links18kts. gold Cuff-links

18kts. gold Cuff-links

€ 2.390,00 € 1.959,02
18kts. gold Cuff-links18kts. gold Cuff-links

18kts. gold Cuff-links

€ 2.665,00 € 2.184,43
White mother of pearl Playing dicesWhite mother of pearl Playing dices

White mother of pearl Playing dices

€ 7.060,00 € 5.786,89
Mammoth  Pill boxMammoth  Pill box

Mammoth Pill box

€ 7.365,00 € 6.036,89
18kts. gold Nut pill box18kts. gold Nut pill box

18kts. gold Nut pill box

€ 8.130,00 € 6.663,93
Enamel Chestnut pill boxEnamel Chestnut pill box

Enamel Chestnut pill box

€ 6.415,00 € 5.258,20
18kts. gold Anchor shackle key ring18kts. gold Anchor shackle key ring

18kts. gold Anchor shackle key ring

€ 3.115,00 € 2.553,28
Mother of pearl Key chainMother of pearl Key chain

Mother of pearl Key chain

€ 5.675,00 € 4.651,64
18kts. gold Key chain18kts. gold Key chain

18kts. gold Key chain

€ 2.900,00 € 2.377,05
18kts. gold Ladybug key chain18kts. gold Ladybug key chain

18kts. gold Ladybug key chain

€ 2.365,00 € 1.938,52
Cork Sailing key chainCork Sailing key chain

Cork Sailing key chain

€ 329,00 € 269,67
Wood Sailing key chainWood Sailing key chain

Wood Sailing key chain

€ 376,00 € 308,20
Mother of pearl Cuff-linksMother of pearl Cuff-links

Mother of pearl Cuff-links

€ 147,00 € 120,49
Titanium Paper clipTitanium Paper clip

Titanium Paper clip

€ 159,00 € 130,33
Sterling silver Silver razorSterling silver Silver razor

Sterling silver Silver razor

€ 380,00 € 311,48


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.