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Homo Faber Guide is an online, searchable platform, which showcases artisans, ateliers, museums, galleries and experiences linked to the world of fine craftsmanship around Europe. The portal connects art enthusiasts, collectors, clients, galleries, curious travellers and designers with the continent’s craftingexcellence.

Lorenzi Milano has embraced the excellent initiative promoted by the Michelangelo Foundation by creating a digital guide whose protagonists are crafts and art professions. 

Homo Faber Guide places the world of fine craftsmanship in Europe at your fingertips. Experience excellence with access to the best master artisans, rising talents, galleries, museums, manufacturers and ateliers from all over the continent.

Discover unique artisans from all corners of Europe, from glassblowers of Venice to ceramicists of Stockholm, from tapestry weavers of Paris to printmakers of London, from jewellery makers of St Petersburg to gilders of Vienna, and even those from the most hidden corners of the continent. Marvel at the diversity of materials, human skills and beautiful objects. Browse by countries and cities or specially curated themes, such as mosaicists in Italy, to find an eclectic array of artisans and discover their inspirational stories. If you have something special in mind, make it a reality by collaborating on bespoke projects with artisans recommended by the guide. The possibilities for creativity and craftsmanship are infinite.

Artisans are recommended by the foundation and by members of its international network or designated ambassadors – renowned individuals within the craft, creativity and design world. They are then selected by the foundation according to the eleven criteria for excellence, identified by Alberto Cavalli, co-director of the Michelangelo Foundation, in the volume The Master’s Touch. Explore the recommendations of your city’s ambassadors – for example the favourite Parisian artisans of designer India Mahdavi – and the addresses of the best Italian artisanal workshops from gallerist Carla Sozzani.

A treasure trove of European experiences: workshops, courses, exhibitions and guided tours offered by artisans, museums and galleries. Experience a new craft at the hands of a master, from screen printing in the United Kingdom, jewellery making in Portugal to embroidery in Italy. Find experiences on your doorstep or further afield in colourful European cities. Craft your own bespoke itineraries and contact artisans, galleries and museums directly to book your tailor made experiences.

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