Lorenzi Milano: young generation and craftsmanship

The project “Una Scuola, un lavoro, Percorsi di eccellenza", supported by the Cologni Foundation for Art Professions in Milan, has been promoting the inclusion of young talents in the world of art professions since 2012.

In fact, the project offers to young graduates the opportunity to do an internship in our workshop, for six months, under the guidance of a highly experienced master craftsman. 

Lorenzi Milano welcomed the initiative with great pleasure, bringing young people closer to the world of craftsmanship. With this initiative Lorenzi has the great task and responsibility of transmitting the savoir-faire and creativity that has characterized our brand over time, with the hope to share its knowledge to subsequent generations. 

Asia Colicchio, is the first young trainee to enter the Lorenzi Milano artisan world, she is 19 and she has always loved drawing since she was a child. 

Thanks to the help and careful guidance of her mentor Oreste, an expert craftsman, and Linda Lorenzi, her tutor, she has the opportunity to experiment with the processing of materials such as horn and antlers of different animals (always from certified origin), metals, bamboo and various types of wood, using the techniques of engraving, filing and polishing. 

"I am proud and honored to have received this opportunity from the Cologni Foundation, because it gave me the opportunity to enter into the world of craftsmanship despite my young age, developing my passion into a real one job".

©Peter Elovich, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, unascuolaunlavoro.it

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