Lorenzi Milano Zebu Spice spreader

Codice M7.312.16

Zebu Spice spreader

€ 207,38 € 253,00
Condiments and conditions necessary to add to the taste the right richness; the spice spreader is made of blown glass, entrusting to its delicate walls the task of preserving and preserving flavors so strong and passionate. It is possible to unscew the upper part of the bottle to make the filling and cleaning process simple and practical. Hand-carved oryx inserts decorate the body, adding a natural, distinctive, and instinctive finishing touch.

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Il corno di zebù è materiale sensibile ai cambiamenti di temperatura ed umidità. Essendo sostanza naturale potrà, nel tempo, e soprattutto per quegli oggetti soventemente a contatto con acqua, appassire nel colore e perdere la sua lucentezza originale. Fonti di calore (termosifoni, fiamme, lampade alogene ecc.) possono causare torsioni e defoliazione. In caso di disidratazione consigliamo l’applicazione periodica, tramite un tampone asciutto, di un sottile strato di olio di lino ecologico o di vaselina. La pelle impiegata per la manifattura di questo oggetto è piuttosto robusta e non presenta particolari problemi di manutenzione. All’occorrenza può essere curata con un balsamo nutriente. La manutenzione di un oggetto prezioso è un lusso quasi quanto l'oggetto stesso. In particolar modo se si tratta di calzature, la meticolosità da riservare al loro trattamento prevede una combinazione particolare di strumenti e fasi.

The Zebu horn is material which is sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Being a natural substance, its color could fade, and it might lose its original shine over time, especially as regards those objects which often come in contact with water. Heat sources (radiators, flames, halogen lamps, etc.) might cause torsions and defoliation. In case of dehydration we recommend the periodic application of a thin layer of ecological linseed oil or Vaseline, using a dry pad. The leather employed for the manufacturing of this object is rather sturdy and does not have particular maintenance issues. If required, it may be taken care of with a nourishing balm. The maintenance of a precious object is as much of a luxury as the object itself. Particularly in the case of footwear, the meticulousness reserved to their treatment involves a particular combination of instruments and phases.

cm 5,5x8,5h
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Zebu, Ottone cromato, Vetro

cm 5,5x8,5h
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Zebu, Chrome plated brass, Glass


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.

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Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.


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