Lorenzi Milano Makassar ebony Large cigar humidor box

Codice M5.048.41

Makassar ebony Large cigar humidor box

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A timeless pleasure that speaks of tradition and leaves no room for approximation: the cigar is a cult that requires care and attention in order to fully enjoy its uniqueness.
This box is designed to hold up to 200 cigars, preserving them and enhancing their aroma.
The inside in cedar wood is chosen for its particular fragrance that protects cigars against parasites, for its capacity to absorb humidity, guaranteeing a constant climate that prevents the formation of mould, favouring the ageing process of cigars.
It is equipped with a humidifier and hygrometer that measures the percentage of humidity and is veneered externally in polished Makassar Ebony, which is also used to decorate the four stainless steel feet.

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Rimuovere l’umidificatore staccandolo dai magneti con delicatezza. Appoggiare il sistema su un piano, con le fessure rivolte verso l’alto, e saturare con acqua distillata. Attendere 15 minuti, quindi drenare l’acqua in eccesso e asciugare accuratamente con un panno. Riposizionare il dispositivo nella posizione iniziale. Per regolare i livelli di umidità aprire e chiudere l’umidificatore. Tenere l’umidificatore al riparo da sorgenti di calore dirette. Le superfici esterne possono essere pulite con un panno asciutto in microfibra.

Pull the humidifier towards you in order to remove it from the humidor. Pour distilled water into the humidifier and leave it to absorbthe liquid for 15 minutes, then turn the humidifier upside downto remove water excess. Wipe off the humidity from the surfaces with a dry cloth, then place the humidifier back to its original position. The humidifier can be closed and opened in order tocontrol the humidity level. Keep the humidor far away from heating sources. External surfaces can be cleaned using a dry microfiber cloth.

cm 40x30x15h
Le dimensioni possono leggermente discostarsi in quanto i prodotti sono realizzati artigianalmente.

Ebano makassar, Cedro, Acciaio inox, Alluminio

cm 40x30x15h
All our products are handcrafted therefore the measurements can be slightly different.

Makassar ebony, Cedar, Stainless steel, Aluminum


Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.

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Our collections stem from skillful crafting, care for the detail and respect for complex and delicate materials that need confidence and mastery to be shaped.


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